Hello, welcome to my humble portfolio! My name is Wai Wai (pronounced wei-wei) and I'm a creative designer, illustrator and animator.
​​​​​​​My professional career started out as a Naval Architect and my passion for visual designs and illustration has lead me into creative field, which I'm proud I have the courage and supports from my family and friends to embrace it. I'm grateful for the privileges. 
My projects range from branding and motion graphics to printings and illustrations. I love everything visual design and arts. I'm always willing to try anything new. As you can see from my personal projects, I have special love for colourful and fun works. And don't forget! Cute little animals! 
Please don't hesitate to contact me at waiwaihinmon@gmail.com if you are interested in working together with me, or even just to have a chat. I'm always happy to assist you!
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