During 2021, there is a rising doubt about pursuing an art education and career. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and its restrictions and regulations, there are more obstacles and struggles than ever in pursuing art education.

The Rise Up campaign sought to tackle the issues regarding these growing concerns. During difficult times like this, it’s more than just artistic motivation and passion. Artists need to be resilient, versatile, strong, and flexible. Artists need to rise relentlessly more than ever.

Through this social campaign, we interviewed local students, international students, parents, and teachers to learn more about their stories, struggles, and achievements.
NAFA Virtual Open House Event Coverage
Because of Covid restriction, the Open House is arranged to be virtual and we conducted real time Instagram Stories and Updates to cover the event.
You Ask We Answer
We conducted interviews with students to ask their dreams and journey after the graduation.
In Real Life
We conducted interviews with international students to find out the struggles and experience they have studying in a foreign country.
Brandon Tang, Diploma in Dance
Wint Thaw Tar Oo, Diploma in Fashion Design
Social Media Post (Carousel)
There were multiple social media posts to celebrate the resilience of students in a difficult pandemic times. We remember it with testimonials from students, parents and lecturers.
Final Social Media Post
for the Campaign
The campaign began with the manifesto, addressing that there are existing concerns of Art in the current society. Now more than ever, there are more pressing extrinsic barriers to taking up art.
So through the campaign, we’ve tackled the questions using various interviews and contents. As a final post, we’ll be collating the various call-to-actions given by our interviews.
Special thanks to Art Director Callison Neo, and the team for giving me the opportunity to work on this incredibly inspiring project.

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