Role: Art Director, Storyboard Artist, Styleframes Designer, Animator
NUHS wanted an awareness video about their pharmacogenomics program. We helped them explain to their patients who are interested in the program have a better understanding of it by using an animated explainer videos that is attention seeking and easy to understand. It will be played within clinics, for all patients/ next of kin as it will pique interest in the benefits of joining this programme.
The project was made possible by the help of our talented director and writer Stacy and our amazing producer Shaya. Thank you both for getting me to be a part of it.
Colour Scheme
I have decided to use typography that suits the modern and futuristic look of the video. The color scheme is derived from NUHS original brand colors and it was made more colourful and pastel to make it both eye-catching and fun to watch.
Animation Breakdowns

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